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Iyer’s Story Book for Children

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This book is for casual reading by children between the ages of 5 to 15. Even though the stories are fiction, there are hidden messages in them. There are six short stories with illustrations.

  1. The story of “An Old Lady and a Cat” talks about a lonely old lady whose life found meaning and objective when she adopted an orphan cat.
  2. The story of a “ Peruvian princess” is about the ancient blind belief that pleasing the Gods with sacrifices would stop earthquakes.
  3. The story of “An Orphan Girl” is about taking care of a young girl who was made an orphan by a rebel gang.
  4. The story of “Manu and a Mermaid” is about a mermaid helping Manu to bring awareness of pollution of the land, waters, and climate changes.
  5. The story of “Jacob and David” is about the dangers of drug addiction.
  6. The story “We Are Different but Similar and Equal” is to show the diversity of America and the recognition that we are all equal and similar despite the difference in physical features.

Illustrations are done with the help of artificial intelligence, created through Open AI- GPT 4/DALL-E 3.

The author sincerely hopes that children and even some adults will find the book simple and interesting to read.

Iyer's Story Book for Children